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A View of Home

There is no place like... well, you know.

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There are plenty of LiveJournals out there dedicated to traveling to distant countries, posting pictures made by the travelers, and discussing what they saw.

This is not one of those LiveJournals.

Instead, it is dedicated to sharing pictures of the place or places you call home. While you might consider the place you live in plain, ordinary, or even boring, the world is vast, and there will be someone out there who will find your pictures fascinating, simply because his or her life experiences and surrounding are completely different. And by discussing the pictures you share, you too might see your native soil with a new eye, and appreciate its uniqueness more.

Or maybe not. But this is for you to decide...

When posting to this community, please observe the following rules (apart from the standard rules of politeness):

1. All images must be of or near a place you live in or have lived in the past (so college students could post pictures of both their college town and the place they grew up in, for example). Vacations do not count - you must have lived there for at least a couple of months.
2. When first posting about a particular place, it would be nice if you provide some background on it - where exatly in the world it is located, the general character of the town, and perhaps a few useful links (such as its Wikipedia entry, if any).
3. All pictures must be hidden by a LiveJournal Cut! Pictures take up a lot of space and take a long time to download, so people who subscribe to the community need to decide for themselves when and if to see them when they open their Friends page. Ideally, mention the number of pictures in the Cut-Text. If you don't know how to use LJ-Cuts, read it up here.
4. Keep the image down to a reasonable size - like I said, they take a lot of time to download, and some of us have dial-up connections. I resize my images to a size of 512 pixels in the longest direction, which I think is appropriate. If you want, you can always link to a full-size image - it just shouldn't be downloaded automatically.