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's-Hertogenbosch and Rosmalen Feb. 5th, 2007 @ 01:30 pm
Some pictures from the terrain of the psychiatric hospital "Coudewater" in Rosmalen (munc 's-Hertogebosch).
Picture 3 shows the caved-in roof of one of the main buildings, picture 4 shows part of the tree which was responsible.


Coudewater - Statue & Bridge

Coudewater - Pond

Coudewater - Tree damaged building

Death of a Tree

The End of the Road

A picture of Bastion St. Anthonie, which was part of the fortifications of 's-Hertogenbosch as far back as 1600.

Restored Bastion

Pinksteren in 's-Hertogenbosch Jun. 3rd, 2006 @ 05:56 pm

Originally uploaded by JHG Hendriks.

Originally uploaded by JHG Hendriks.
This street right around next door is ready for the World Cup Soccer next week

downtown Washington DC pix Apr. 29th, 2006 @ 03:18 pm
This morning JoAnn and I drove downtown and parked near the White House. Our first destination was the Renwick Gallery to see the Grant Wood exhibit that Susan helped catalog recently. Wood's most famous painting is American Gothic. http://www.babyswimming.com/Iowa%20American%20Gothic.jpg From there we went back outside and I walked down the pedestrians-only portion of Pennsylvania Avenue to photgraph the White House and the tourists. I spotted a covey of young folks on Segway two-wheel devices. http://www.segway.com/ Also got some shots of the Old Executive Office building, which is where the vice president works and which houses a lot of the support staff for both the president and the vice president. I took pix to the east and west along Pennsylvania Av and did also got a shot of the Corcoran museum and school of art. Susan's BF, Solomon, is a Corcoran grad. From there we went over to a nearby Quizno's for a quick lunch and back home to wait for the arrival of the twins, who will be spending the night at our place. Washington, DC pixCollapse )
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snow in northern virginia . . . Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 02:28 pm
Although we had a regional weather forecast of a rather severe snow storm, I went to bed last night with low expectations of much white stuff on the ground Sunday morning. I was wrong! A rather large storm worked its way up from Tennessee, passing through Virginia and Maryland en route to New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We had about 15cm in the front and around 25cm out back. The official report for this area is around 20cm, but there are areas with over 50cm. We had a good breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes and bacon before I sallied forth to do battle with the accumulation. It's fairly light-weight stuff, not dense at all -- so I was able to shovel out the driveway and sidewalk easily. Then I went down the street to help out some older folks and a widow. Talked to a number of neighbors and then worked in the gutters, clearing out a drain path to the storm sewers. Another guy and I collaborated on doing the sidewak and driveway of another older dude. That's about all the Boy Scout stuff i can stand today! JoAnn and I worked together to clear off both cars and the back deck. Now the sun is out and temperatures are above freezing. It will be slick on the streets tomorrow during the commute, though, because we are forecast for temperatures below freezing tonight. snow pixCollapse )
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From my journal Jun. 8th, 2005 @ 01:22 am
Some daytime/nighttime photos from Iceland. 800*600 photosCollapse )
Other entries
» Aachen, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany - Part Eight
Some old pictures of Aachen before I start to tackle my vacation photos from Thailand...

27 images of AachenCollapse )
» Queen's Day 2005
The 30th of April the Dutch celebrate Koninginnedag, or Queen's Day. This isn't the queen's birthday, as that is the 31st of January, but the queen decided to keep celebrating it on her mother's birthday birthday.

It's an official day from work for most professions.

I must admit that I found it a blit bland this year.
Maybe next year I should take a look at the surrounding villages.

The picturesCollapse )
» 's-Hertogenbosch - 8 th of April
Cold and windy, I braved the weather for your viewing pleasure.

The PicturesCollapse )
» 's-Hertogenbosch - In the Days of Yore
Finally made some time to collect some older pics I took earlier.

These are all from the gallery "Old Times" and show us some images
of old buildings.

The PicturesCollapse )
» 's-Hertogenbosch - 7th of April
Thanks to the Dutch railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) I had to take a day off from work today.
Seemingy a software controlling the switches and signals at Utrecht Central Station (The most busiest station in the Netherlands) crashed last night, triggering it's backup systems, which crashed this morning.

An emergeny system (read manual) was activated which meant that during the afternoon trains were allowd into the station.

It did gave me an opportunity take take more pictures, although the weather has turned bad over the last days: a lot of wind and rain, with the temperature dropping.

The PicturesCollapse )
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